Thanksgiving Options in the Gringo Gulch

There are shortage of Thanksgiving and turkey options in the Gringo Gulch of San Jose, Costa Rica. Most visibly promoted have been the Sportsmens Lodge and Del Mar Restaurant of the Hotel Del Rey.

Dinner at the Sportsmens is c11,500 and its been confirmed that the games shown will be Green Bay-Detroit, Miami-Dallas, San Francisco-Baltimore.

The Del Mar is also offering a turkey diner for c12,500 and is recommending advance reservations, especially for groups by calling 2257-7800 x232.

Thanksgiving dinner with the best view will be on the 14th floor of the Holiday Inn Aurola for $30. A lower priced, turkey lunch option will be served downstairs at the Holiday Inn for $13.

Buffet turkey dinner will be available at Casino Club Colonial for $25, and $18 at the Dunn Inn. The Bar Poas is the cheapest option in town with a full Thanksgiving dinner for c6,000.