Poorly Managed, Lukewarm on Sex Toursim, Sosua Bay Resort Remade as Topacio Azul

Filling 250 resort hotel rooms in Sosúa in the Dominican Republic is a real challenge when half the guests come for sex tourism, and the rest are families and couples. Apparently, management at the Topacio Azul, formerly known as the Sosua Bay Resort does not mind taking money from both groups of vacation seekers.

View of Topacio Azul on Sosua Beach

View of Topacio Azul on Sosua Beach

Far removed from the authority of the government in Santo Domingo, the northern coast of the Dominican Republic has long been a destination for nightlife, sin and vice. Thanks to cheap flights on Spirit Airlines and Jet Blue, Sosúa has become increasingly popular with gentleman from Florida and the northeastern United States. What could be better than a party town where an overnight date with a charming young lady can cost as little as $30?

Topacio Azul draws every kind of tourist because of $40 a night, all-inclusive hotel rooms, advertised on websites like hotels.com and bookings.com. It’s also popular with Canadian tourists on packages with West Jet, which arrive in nearby Puerto Plata. Reports on Trip Adviser suggest that a good number of people show up, but few are happy. Service has never been consistent and facilities have been lacking since the hotel has changed hands a few times.

Gentleman are often allowed to bring a date to the Topacio Azul, but their girls are certainly not welcome. Management reserves the right to charge extra fees, and rudely knock on the door to hurry the girls out before sunrise. After all, they do not want the “decent folk” to know what happens under the covers of the resort at night.

At times the hotel will ban female company outright, which prompts the security guards to earn some extra cash by skirting the rules. When this happens, gentleman are lead around to the service entrance with their date.

In Sosúa, there are plenty of better hotels for gentleman tourists. Some are outright party sports where you might even pick up a date. Others are a little more discrete, but understand their core business is lodging for sex tourists. Avoid the temptation to book with little planning on the Internet where the vast majority of hotels are not permissive or are simply lukewarm like the Sosua Bay.