Sex, Hookers, Cheap Cocaine and Murder on Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach is the Costa Rica destination of choice for hookers, cheap cocaine, and a party that lasts forever.Its now been reveled that Central America’s most notorious gringo serial killer, William Dathan Holbert a.k.a. Wild Bill Cortez spent plenty of time in Jaco.

Expat Serial Killer William Holbert

Expat Serial Killer William Holbert

According to Don Winner, Holbert rented an office overlooking the Beattle Bar in Jaco so that he could photograph and extort money from tourists caught having sex with prostitutes in Costa Rica. Married sex tourists or those with high positions in corporate America were targeted by Holbert.

Holbert made plenty of friends in Jaco by buying bricks of cocaine, and putting it on the table for everyone to enjoy. Cocaine costs a mere $8 per gram in Costa Rica, and Holbery bought $3500 at a time.

A free flow of cocaine also ensures a free flow of ass in Costa Rica because prostitution is nice and legal in this small republic popular with sex tourists on vacation. Holbert and his then partner in crime Allan Duckworth knew this and it seems they spent six weeks in 2007 running photo surveillance on all the gringos coming and going from the Beatle Bar in Jaco.

We now know Holbert is responsible for at least one body that was found cemented under a concrete slab in Puerto Viejo. Duckworth apparently was another intended victim, and he made a narrow escape from Costa Rica, and never looked back.

According to the recent video produced by local channel six, there are at least 80 hookers per day servicing tourists in Jaco while there are just six cops assigned to the town of 8,000 people. It is quite possible, however that these figure are grossly underestimated as Jaco is just chalked full of hookers. Many of these are from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Colombia.