Pension, Love Motel, Bar or Massage Parlor?

Pension New Fantasy in San Jose, Costa Rica

Pension is generally a Latin America term for a cheap motel, backpacker accommodation or bed and breakfast. The word, however can also mean a “love motel” where rooms rent on an hourly basis. Some of these types of pension may also be equipped with lounges or small bars where ladies wait to meet generous gentlemen.

  • A love motel in Panama is called a “push button”, and will normally NOT have a lounge with girls onsite.
  • Pensions in San Jose, Costa Rica normally open in the early afternoon and stay open until 8pm-12am. There are no low end venues or pensions in Jaco Beach.
  • Pensions in Colombia usually have a more traditional setup, and girls may come out one at a time to great the guests.
  • Low end establishments in Sosua are called jack shacks, which are setup to look more like small salons than motels.