Beatle Bar and Hotel

Beatle Bar in Jaco is a magnet for women from the Pacific coast and central valley of Costa Rica. Unlike the Del Rey in San Jose the Beatle Bar offers Pacific sun and surf.

Tropical nights can get hot, especially at the Beatle Bar, which is one of the few venues in Jaco with air conditioning. There is $10 cover charge for the men, and $6 for the girls.

Action at the Beatle Bar does not really get started until 10pm, which makes the Monkey Bar and Cocal Hotel and Casino the popular pickup venues for the afternoon or early evening.

Across the street is the Beatles Hotel, which provides a convenient venue for impromptu romance. Rooms are available by the hour or by the night at the Beatle Hotel. Amenities include a cable television, king sized beds, A/C, and a mini-bar.

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