Bogota Brothel Tours: A Brief Career in Colombia’s Sex Trade

Bogota Brothels TourNot so much a guide, Bogota Brothel Tours is story of an expat who set himself in Colombia, offering guided tours for gentleman tourists. In the process of telling his story, Colin tells us the stories of the guys who crossed his path in Colombia. At times he struggles to keep his day job while being attracted to the modest income, free restaurant meals, booze and girls that his customers provide.

Surprisingly, most guys who book a tour are not quite “mongers”, and are often guys with some incidental reason to be in Colombia.

For example, Colin shows the ropes to a Christian missionary, “glamour” photographer, and swinger biker from Memphis. Reasons for taking the tour range from the threat of Scopolamine gangs to just getting around in Bogota.

Although most of the book is about Bogota, Colin also gets to Medellin and does a pretty good job of documenting the case of Noah Goldberg, a.k.a “Medellin Paisa.” Goldberg was a bit of a role model for Colin until he was assassinated. Included are quotations about the Medellin Paisa on forums such as Costa Rica Ticas (CRT) and International Sex Guide (ISG).

Goldberg made death threats, badmouthed hotels, and insulted other operators online for anybody to see. It’s safe to assume he said worse in private. There are rumors he had beef with another American who was connected to narcos. He was loaning money – a murderous industry in Colombia. There are a million possible motives here.

-Post, Colin (2013-02-01). Bogota Brothel Tours: A Brief Career in Colombia’s Sex Trade (Kindle Locations 691-693)

Colin himself has to deal with immigration challenges, and finds himself on the radar of the Colombian DAS police because he links his expat blog to his tour service. Ultimately, his work permit is canceled and he wears out his welcome in Colombia.

Bogota Brothel Tours is a great read for anyone planning to tour the nightlife in Bogota or enjoys reading an inside perspective on sex and vice in Colombia.