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Jacó, on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica has everything an exciting vacation needs, beautiful beaches, sexy women and a hot … [Read More...]

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Sportsmens Lodge Bartenders Tarima

Bartenders Dancing on the Tarima at the Sportsmens Lodge

Without a doubt the stars at the Sportsmens Lodge in San Jose, Costa Rica are the lovely bartenders. In this video, a tribute to the birthday of the popular … [Read More...]

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Home to over 100,000 expats from the United States, the Fourth of July weekend is always a big event in Costa Rica.

Fourth of July Weekend in Costa Rica

Zona Two will start the weekend early with a party on Friday afternoon. Party goers will be treated to free hot dogs, potato salad and coleslaw. Advertising for … [Read More...]

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Clueless Banner

Clueless Clyde Seeks a Cure in Costa Rica

Clueless clyde is the story of a 50 year old accountant from Cleveland, Ohio who finds love or similar substitute in the tropical paradise of Costa … [Read More...]